Friday, August 11, 2006

Live Review: Vetiver @ Empty Bottle 8/3/06

Vetiver was a real treat to see live. I didn’t know whether to expect a set so mellow it would lose me or one too rocking that would possibly destroy the gentle graces their best songs have to offer. I’ve been listening to their latest newly released album, To Find Me Gone, on repeat all summer. Some of the songs just have a way of finding you whether it’s when you’re staring at Lake Michigan or can’t sleep in the middle of the night. Perhaps the best track on the album, which is as subtly engaging as it is adept at lodging itself into the recesses of your brain, is “You May Be Blue.” Devendra Banhart, who is a Vetiver collaborator, wasn’t present during this set but played the song at Pitchfork music festival. They played a good mix of songs from To Find Me Gone and their self titled release Thursday. Their live set brought new life to “You May Be Blue” as well as “Won’t Be Me” as they were presented with a bit more of rock angle. The vocal harmonies were perfect throughout and the set was also enhanced by the cello and flute playing, the latter especially during “Been So Long.” Vetiver also dedicated a song off their first self titled album, “Belles” to Arthur Lee Setlist: Oh Papa Belles I Know No Pardon Angel’s Share Luna Sea You May Be Blue Busted Swimming Song (Loudon Wainwright cover) Maureen Down at El Rio Arboretum Long Long Time to Get Old (Great Speckled Bird cover) Won’t Be Me


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