Monday, August 07, 2006

Live Review: Sonic Youth w/ Feist @ Double Door 8/5/06

The night started out with Feist, who acted much differently than the two previous times I had seen her play. She clearly would have rather been somewhere else as she played her thirty minute set, wrongfully assuming noone in the audience even knew who she was or had heard her songs. As she started out by playing mainly new songs, she informed us that they were probably all new songs to us. Most of the songs were soulful laid back numbers consistent with the songs off of her 2004 release Let it Die although one was quite a rocker that she insisted was about falling in love for real. She was backed by four other musicians who complimented her singing well, particularly when she played “Mushaboom” towards the end of the set, which feautured a really nice trumpet solo. It’s a shame she hadn’t played it towards the beginning because she would have realized more people knew her material when they sang along. Even those who weren’t familiar with her material nearby us were enamored with her voice. Yet, the mood was really spoiled by her overall demeanor. When someone asked where she was from, she replied that she was from Canada. She then berated the sweaty cramped audience for not cheering for Canada. Everyone cheered and she retorted that Canada didn’t need our cheering because it was “chill” like that. I believe she was trying to say that patriotism was just thought of as different in Canada than it is in the states but she unfortunately ended up confusing and alientating the majority of the audience when she said that. Her set ended somberly with the title track off of Let it Die. I want to say a kind word for Feist. The songs on her album are as personal as they are enjoyable and the two times I have seen her play, once headlining and once opening up for Broken Social Scene showed her to be a person full of warm grace. I would recommend seeing her live when she can really get into her own element and let her light shine. This was clearly just not the type of thing she enjoys doing. Sonic Youth, the quintessential do-it-yourself band came on after about a twenty minute wait between the sets and Thurston remarked amusingly, “They wanted us to wait five more minutes and we told them ‘No’!” The mix of the audience was rather apparent (XRT had given out free pairs of tickets to contest winners and had randomly selected people to give away tickets to that were at Lollapalooza.) Thankfully, the die hard Sonic Youth fans crammed up against the front of the stage while the people who had randomly come because it was a free ticket to a Double Door show lingered in the back. Thurston looked young and energetic in his t-shirt and jeans while Kim Gordon wore a slinky teal dress that could have doubled as lingerie and spun around in circles on stage to many of the songs while visuals like waves sweeped across the stage and behind them. They mainly stuck to material off of their recent release Rather Ripped but surprised the audience with a couple of old favorites, namely “Tom Violence” “100%” and “Mote” with a two song encore that included “Shaking Hell” and “Expressway to Yr Skull.” The new material mixed well with the older songs, with the somewhat spacy lyrics of “Or” and the discordanant guitar playing on “Incinerate.” Kim had the spotlight a few times in the night as in on “Reena.” It was a real treat to see Sonic Youth, a real pioneer in experimental music play their ninety minute set. If you’ve never seen Sonic Youth before, you quickly realize how tight their set can be no matter what songs they play. Approximate setlist: 1. Do You Believe in Rapture 2. What a Waste 3. Incinerate 4.Reena 5.100% 6.Turquoise Boy 7.Tom Violence 8. Mote 9. Jams Run Free 10. Pink Steam 11.Or ————— 1. Shaking Hell 2. Expressway to Yr. Skull


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