Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Live Review: Buzzcocks @ Double Door 7/15/06

There’s definitely something to be said for bands like The Buzzcocks who have not only stood the test of time musically but can bring together generations of fans to see them in one place. Playing to a sold out show, the Buzzcocks played about 75 minutes total and were pretty generous with revisiting their back catalogue. The crowd was ecstatic to see their idols in such great form and showed this by moshing, pogoing and crowd surfing (at least twice, security guards had to forcibly remove two crowd surfers from the stage.) Despite all of the physical action, the Buzzcocks never missed a beat.

After opening with the title track of Flat Pack Philosophy, they were soon playing old favorites. Diggle was particularily animated, holding up his guitar high and swinging his mike while Pete Shelley played and sang with a youthful vigor. Both their newer songs and older material were tight. Flat Pack Philosophy is consistent with their best output and is a revved up high energy affair. You can hear songs from it by visiting their MySpace page.

The encore to the main set was especially nice as they played some songs that truly have become classics for any punk rocker including “Sick City” and “Ever Fallin in Love.” Witnessing such legendary intensity left us feeling both elation and well worth exhaustion. Read Matt Berlyant’s review of their show at Irving Plaza in NYC here.

Complete Setlist: Flat Pack Philosophy Wish I Never Loved You Sell You Everything Reconciliation I Don’t Exist Soul Survivor Big Brother Wheels I Don’t Mind Harmony in my Head Autonomy Friction Romance Why Can’t I Touch It? 16 Don’t Know What To Do With My Life Fast Cars What Do I Get? Love You More Breakdown —————— Sick City Noise Annoys Orgasm Addict Ever Fallen in Love Oh Shit


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